Dear reflexology is a massage centre that provides massage services that are tapered and customized for each person’s needs, but also seeks to serve and add value in each customer’s life.

Here, we combine proven methods with decades of experience borne from ancient china for the most effective release of pain and treatment.

Our priority is to soothe your aches away, and create better living for you.


反射区指压 Pressure Point Reflexology

Understanding the co-relation between specific pressure points in your body and how it affects you health, this provides relief and enhances your health.

Area Includes: Head · Neck · Back Shoulder · Hip · Arm · Hand Leg · Knee · Ankle · Sole
Rheumatic · Pain · Numbness · Stiffness · Cramp
Improves: Insomnia · Pyrexia · Blood Circulation


推拿理疗服务 Body Massage Therapy 

Choose a combination of two areas for your one hour massage from our master masseur, using traditional skills and specific palm and finger techniques andapplying suitable proceedures for individual conditions and aches.


手掌脚底按摩理论班 Reflexology Classes

Course aims to introduce to students the simple and easy-to-master reflexology techniques of hands and foot.

It covers the theories and practice of skills and techniques on how to correctly perform reflexology.

Classes Video

Master Lai giving hand and foot massage demostration

Treatment Video

Stroke patient Able to walk after few months of treatment

Dear Reflexology is a Singapore Company at Bedok providing Pressure Point Finger, Hand, Foot, Head, Shoulder, Neck, Back, Hip, Arm, Knee, Ankle, Sole, Full Body Massage and Reflexology Services and Classes to relieve Rheumatic, Pain Numbness, Stiffness, Cramp and Improves Insomnia, Pyrexia, Blood Circulation. Health Benefits of Pressure Point Reflexology includes Prevents Illnesses and Eases Pain, Relieves Stress and Tension, Improves Blood Circulation Enhances Digestion.